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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Ton of Cool Stuff

Usually I say stuff, but my comments are kinda lame nowadays. Originally I kept this up so I wouldn't have to deal with 100's of links sitting around on my desktop... So, instead of posting periodically, I'm just going to start linking away
The 10 Commandments, Pop Culture Style
Titanic Two: The Sequel
Really Cool Experiment with a Rubens Tube. Make sure to check this one out
Girls Costume Warehouse! I laugh at this every time.
Street Fighter, the Later Years
The News, as Seen by a Tweaked Out Guy
Hammer Man Opening
Very Relaxing, but Rhythmic Animation

The Uncanny Valley. Fascinating Study About Graphics and Gaming.
The Skeptics Dictionary
Dilberts Unified Theory of All Finance. I happen to agree.
It Could be Worse
Garfield is actually dead
Ten Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts
Last, but Not least in Philosophy:
The Future of our World. Not preachy, I swear.

The Dark Chocolate Movie Game
Fun Seamless Pictures.
Grow a little plant
Be Confused and Wander
Novelty Toilet Paper
Incredible Hand Paintings. Really incredible.

Time Fountain. Fun effect. They should sell these.
The Best Movies You've Never Seen
Japanese Sound Effects Explained
Commercials I Hate. Fun, but a bit angry.
George Orwell's 1984, watchable on the web. Legally watchable and out of copyright.
Lego Chaingun

A Massive Collection of Video Game Sprites.
Highly Addictive and Fun Game
Very Relaxing Levers Game


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