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Monday, September 18, 2006

Yar! Avast ye Scurvy! Gangsters Vs Zombies and Sushi Computing

Talk Like a Pirate Day is on Tuesday September 19th! Yar! be Ready!

Have you ever thought, hey, ya know what might be a good movie, Gangsters vs Zombies in a booze smuggling shoot em up? Well, this little animation is pretty cool, it's a trailer for it, although I don't know much else. It's a little PG-13, so if you are averse to Zombies getting re-killed, might take a step back.Zombies vs Gangsters.

This is nothing big, but I found it to be really kinda fun.Just a simple, but fun crazy pong game.

Thank you Thao of Thao for this little gem. A sushi USB drive! How cool is that?

The World Moves Slower Now That This Is Known.


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