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Thursday, September 07, 2006

March of the Emperors

Remember that surprisingly popular movie about the pengiuns? Well, this is pretty funny. March of the Penguins was originally titled, March of the Emperors, when it was made in France. When it was moved to America, they redubbed it and named it what it is today. I think yall will get a kick out of this. The March of the Emperors.

One of my favorite movies of all time was Donnie Darko. Now, if you've seen it, you've been confused, so I'm trying to clarify, just a little. This site I ran across made some sense. I still disagree that it's a Groundhogs day in disguise, but there are some really good points.Donnie Darko Mostly Explained

I know people like me will find this fascinating. Others will likely throw rocks at me because of it. Either way, this website is about what they changed when they remastered the original Star Wars (4). I kinda enjoyed seeing the differences. Remastered Star Wars


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