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Friday, September 01, 2006

Futurama Comic Books, Mini Coopers and Personal Junk

I am one of the many die hard fans of Futurama. It used to be that Family Guy and Futurama were neck and neck in my book, but Futurama has somehow maintained its staying power. When I saw this I thought how cool it would be. I'm not really a comic nut, but for Futurama, I'll convert. Futurama Comics.

I love Mini Coopers. Made by BMW, this is my dream car. It's not expensive, it's got good gas milage and frankly, they look unique without being outrageous. Well anyway, when I saw this I was instantly in love. Yes, it's just a concept, but still... What I wouldn't give for one of them... PML Mini goes from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds, uses four electric motors.

Personal stuff: 1)I learned I have Hypothyroidism. (No biggy, a pill a day every day till I die of old age.) 2)I am sick as a dog thanks to allergies. 3)Apparently I have elevated liver enzymes, which is unrelated to the first two, meaning I either have gall stones, hepatitus(although I can't imagine when I'd have gotten it. I'm a straight shooter and I got my hep shot a couple years ago.) liver cancer(I HIGHLY doubt it), or cirrhosis of the liver(I don't drink, not reasonable).

Oh fate, how ye mocks me. But. Ain't nothing going to break my stride, ain't nothing gunna slow me down.
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