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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Crazy Chinese Dog Art, New Age Batteries and The Best Portable PC Ever!

I don't really know the details of the dog art, but I'm guessing they are stuffed. Yeah, it's really rather weird, but it's also a bit cool. Weird dog art.

Sorry about the delay in posting, but I lost a bit of my links in the format, so I've had to try to regather them.

I thought this one was pretty darn cool. USB batteries, rechargable through your USB port. The worst part about having rechargable batteries is lugging the charger around. With this, you have more options. USB Batteries.

Lastly, I bring you something fun. It's the best portable computer ever!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Card Buildings, Self-Playing Violin and THE MOTHER OF ALL TRAILERS!

Check it out, this guy is a pro at card stacking. Unfortunately you don't get to see him work, but his results are cool. I was highly impressed. Card Stacking Pro.

Update on the Linux front. After formatting two drives, Windows is working. The formats were half for cleaning anyway. Everything was backed up completely and everything was restored.

Check it out, it's a self playing violin. I know, I know, it's not as good as a real symphony, but I thought it was cool from a technical point of view. Self Playing violin.

Oh K. BEST FOR LAST! Yes, caps, why not. I would go watch this movie if it was real. THE MOTHER OF ALL TRAILERS!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Linux......................... *sigh*

Computer broken....... Using Kororaa Linux, Its definately eye candy. But for some unknown reason, it's gone to Hell. I tried installing it on a second hard drive , but now it can't boot from either hard drive. Very..... Annoying...
Meh, I hate when this stuff happens...
On the plus side, I'm operating off a kororaa linux boot disc at the moment. Gah, I hate when this happens. Every time I try to load Linux! Every time! Gah! So, I'm going to drive 3 hours to get another disc... No job means I can do things impulsive I guess, but I ain't spending 100s of bucks to get windows, when I can get it for 30...
The whole situation stinks.

Update: Fixed

Monday, September 18, 2006

Yar! Avast ye Scurvy! Gangsters Vs Zombies and Sushi Computing

Talk Like a Pirate Day is on Tuesday September 19th! Yar! be Ready!

Have you ever thought, hey, ya know what might be a good movie, Gangsters vs Zombies in a booze smuggling shoot em up? Well, this little animation is pretty cool, it's a trailer for it, although I don't know much else. It's a little PG-13, so if you are averse to Zombies getting re-killed, might take a step back.Zombies vs Gangsters.

This is nothing big, but I found it to be really kinda fun.Just a simple, but fun crazy pong game.

Thank you Thao of Thao for this little gem. A sushi USB drive! How cool is that?

The World Moves Slower Now That This Is Known.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Just Another Crazy Friday, Lots of Little Things

This pic is just for fun. Very few things on the net make me do a double take anymore.

Something fun to try:
While sitting, lift your right foot and make circles with it clockwise. Now, while your doing that, draw the number 6 in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change directions! I got a kick out of it. Source

My IPod case. I thought it was fun. Plus, I'll never lose it cause it's too bright and I doubt anyone would steal it cause they'd think it was a cheap knockoff. Plus, you gotta love the alien abduction. I got it at the IFrogz website. Honestly, way too expensive, but I thought it was cool.

This last thing is a bit different, but I thought it was a very nicely done animation. In This World

Ah yes, one more thing. Talk Like a Pirate Day is on Tuesday September 19th! Yar! be Ready!

More Amazing Than A Flying Watermelon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Graphological Initiative, Smash Walls, and Murphy's Law

If you think I made up the Graphological Initiative, you'd only be half right. This strange site really amused me. What does your hand writing tell about you? The apathy in the guys voice is hillarious. :-)

Next, is a very simple, very addictive game. All you have to do is bust through walls, but I can't help but enjoy it. Smash Walls.

This is nothing new, but I thought it was funny. It's examples of Murphy's Law at work. I always get a kick out of these. Murphy's Law.

It's Nothing Like a Sad Panda.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

USB Teddy Bear, XBox Commercial and The Fallacy Files

As you can see, it's a fun little USB teddy bear. I thought it was fun.USB Teddy Bear.
Next, I bring you something I've always wanted to do. have a finger gun fight. Sometimes I wish people would just play along like this. It would certainly make life more interesting.Fun XBox Commercial.
This last site I found to be pretty interesting. Logical fallacies and much much more. If ever you want to sound smart and want a good argument for why someone is wrong, this is the place to go. The Fallacy Files.

If You Don't Know Spore, Your Missing Out.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

March of the Emperors

Remember that surprisingly popular movie about the pengiuns? Well, this is pretty funny. March of the Penguins was originally titled, March of the Emperors, when it was made in France. When it was moved to America, they redubbed it and named it what it is today. I think yall will get a kick out of this. The March of the Emperors.

One of my favorite movies of all time was Donnie Darko. Now, if you've seen it, you've been confused, so I'm trying to clarify, just a little. This site I ran across made some sense. I still disagree that it's a Groundhogs day in disguise, but there are some really good points.Donnie Darko Mostly Explained

I know people like me will find this fascinating. Others will likely throw rocks at me because of it. Either way, this website is about what they changed when they remastered the original Star Wars (4). I kinda enjoyed seeing the differences. Remastered Star Wars

Monday, September 04, 2006

Finally, Team Fortress 2, Leaked WoW Burning Crusade Footage

Finally, Team Fortress 2 is going to be released. I know, whats Team Fortress? Well, 4 years ago, it competed against Counter-Strike, but today, it is almost forgotten. It's one of the most fun games I'd ever played. After 3 YEARS of waiting for it to FINALLY come out, I gave up on it. So did everyone else, it was labeled abandonware. But it's back! Team Fortress 2 - Non-direct feed
Yes, finally, someone leaked some World of Warcraft footage from the expansion. Nothing too spectacular, but I thought it was pretty cool. Yes, I know I stopped playing, but hey, what the heck. Leaked World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Footage
While I'm doing video stuff this Labor Day weekend, I thought I'd bring you an oldy, but goodie from the geeks-r-us channel. Science? Cool!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Futurama Comic Books, Mini Coopers and Personal Junk

I am one of the many die hard fans of Futurama. It used to be that Family Guy and Futurama were neck and neck in my book, but Futurama has somehow maintained its staying power. When I saw this I thought how cool it would be. I'm not really a comic nut, but for Futurama, I'll convert. Futurama Comics.

I love Mini Coopers. Made by BMW, this is my dream car. It's not expensive, it's got good gas milage and frankly, they look unique without being outrageous. Well anyway, when I saw this I was instantly in love. Yes, it's just a concept, but still... What I wouldn't give for one of them... PML Mini goes from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds, uses four electric motors.

Personal stuff: 1)I learned I have Hypothyroidism. (No biggy, a pill a day every day till I die of old age.) 2)I am sick as a dog thanks to allergies. 3)Apparently I have elevated liver enzymes, which is unrelated to the first two, meaning I either have gall stones, hepatitus(although I can't imagine when I'd have gotten it. I'm a straight shooter and I got my hep shot a couple years ago.) liver cancer(I HIGHLY doubt it), or cirrhosis of the liver(I don't drink, not reasonable).

Oh fate, how ye mocks me. But. Ain't nothing going to break my stride, ain't nothing gunna slow me down.
The Most Amazing Game I've Ever Seen