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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Swimming Goggles With a Heads Up Display

Today I have for yall a pair of swimming goggles with a heads up display. It counts laps and has a built in stop watch. Not to mention, they look pretty cool. Kinda like an IPod, with blue lenses. I'm not a big swimmer myself, but those do look pretty handy. They were invented to keep swimmers from having to count laps. I just wonder if they can see those numbers in front of thier eyes. I highly doubt I could see anything that close.*Click Here*
My friends came in and we went to go see Batman Begins. Honestly, it's the best Batman movie I've ever seen. It made me realize that there was WAY too much neon in the other Batman movies. The new Batman creation is more down to Earth. I didn't realize how poorly the previous ones were done until I saw Batman Begins. And if the rumors are true, the next Batman movies will be done by the same guy. If that's true, I can't wait to see them. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

Gumby IPod Cover

I know I know... I did a ThinkGeek thing last post. But I just thought this IPod cover was so cool. Yeah, it's a real product and not photoshop. If I had an IPod, I'd be the first to own one of these. *Click Here*
Not much has been going on. I'm selling a copy of Twisted Metal Head-On on ebay, but I don't want to alienate anyone by listing the link here. I still really miss my cell phone... Because I'd love to show yall pictures of my mini air conditioner setup. I guess I'll have to wait. Anyway, yall take care.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Evil Genius Labcoat

Wow, this is so cool. This is a labcoat of pretty much any technician of any evil villian hideout. It's just like what the technicians that work for evil geniuses would wear. Not to mention, it'd make a great Halloween costume. I think it would be even better if you stand next to another person dressed as Dr. Evil. *Click Here*
In other news, I built one of those AC setups from the previous post. It's pretty sloppy, but I think it will work. It should be helpful during the first few weeks we are moving in to our unairconditioned dorm. I made some changes to it tho. I had to be able to recycle the water, so I bought a pump. Strangely enough, it wasn't that easy. The pump wasn't compatable with the tubes I was using, so we improvised :-) I got a bottle and stuck it over the water pump. I then cut a hole in the side and stuck my tube in. It actually worked. There is enough pressure to send the water through the tube and the rest of the water is fed back out the way it came since the bottle is not sealed around the pump. Really, it's a true MacGuiverism. I'll take some pictures later, but right now my camera phone is in San Fransisco of all places... And man does it hurt. I realize now that it's gone that it is my Clock, Alarm Clock, Phone, Camera, Address Book, Entertainment Center, Emergency Life Saver, Instant Messaging Service and I'm sure something else direly important thats on the tip of my tounge. But I've missed every one of these features today. Not because of any major occurance, but because I'm constantly apprehensive. Remind me to never lend out my phone again... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Home Made Air Conditioning

What your seeing is a home made air conditioner. This novel idea has even made it onto our local news. I saw this a while back and I have really wanted to make it, except I just plain don't have the money... But I think I may do it anyway. I live in an unairconditioned dorm while I'm at school. Can yall imagine that? Yeah, hot... Texas without AC. Do yall know that Twilight Zone episode called the Hottest Day Ever?(or something like that), well thats about right. In our dorm, they found it necessary to not only keep it unairconditioned, but make it against the rules to bring in a window unit. Because of that, this may be a suitable option... *Click Here*
In other news, I think the new banner has been chosen. Yall wanted Calvin and Hobbes on the new banner, so there ya have it! I really appreciate everyones feedback. I know it wasn't life changing, but I thought it was good to give people a choice.
note: I dont know what compelled me to open my blog up in internet explorer, but I did... And apparently it was WAaaay messed up. It should be fixed now, but if that happens again, yall tell me right away(if you can).
Again, I wanted to thank yall for your help and I ecourage yall as always to post comments and such. I read every comment and I go to every one of your blogs.
Well, take care and I'm off to bed... Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Changing up the blog

Something has been bugging me since I put up the blog. It really doesn't have any games on it :P And the title included games.. So it kinda needed to be changed. Plus, having your name in the title is a bit wrong. Now, I think it's a little more professional, but not so professional that it's not any fun. I dont know if I like the new banner so I might be changing it. If I was really a go getter, I'd let yall vote... But eh. I was also thinking of putting in a poll, just for fun cause it's really hard to tell how many people actually pass by your site. If anyone knows of a good small voting poll I could put on the right bar, I'd like to know. I love voting and I think a lot of people do too... on second thought, I think I will let yall vote. Old banner vs, New one.


Please voice your choice in comments. (the name will be changed on the second one after the vote)

It is somewhat inspiring to see a 2000 year old seed from an extinct plant take root. They say that it's possible if they can continue reviving extinct plants, we may have a better chance of curing existing diseases. It's a very interesting idea. Of course, this was a one in a million long shot, but it paid off. I wonder if they can use this one plant to make others or if its line is going to be lost forever once it dies...
In other news, Gato(thats me) won $45 bucks in Texas Hold'em yesterday. :-)

Seed of extinct date palm sprouts after 2,000 years Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I know it's wrong... :-) Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yep. It's summer.. Just a roundup. Nothing new or cool.

Ignore this and go down for more interesting stuff, cause I'm fairly boring.
I was considering writing some garbage about Michael Jackson, but I realized, I didn't care. In fact, I really don't like posting news about how our society is going down the tube or some criminal getting off free. To be honest, that stuff is depressing.
I don't pretend to be immune to the bad parts of the world, but you all saw the reports. Not guilty. No use going into the details, it's over.
You realize you've played too many video games when you've broken down all movies, scenes and occurances in life to binary. They survive, or don't. They accomplish the mission, or not. Either 1, or 0. And if I have to take a freaking key from Town X to Dungeon Y, one more time...
When it comes down to these big cases, it doesn't matter what I think. I won't sway anyone. What good would come of it if I did? If I get upset and angry then rant to everyone else about it, they'll get upset and mad too. And for what? What good does upsetting people and creating internalized rage do? This isn't some cause that you can stand up for. It's just something that is out of all our hands. I think I realized this most during the last election. Both sides were completely blinded. I was raging against Kerry. So much so that I didn't see Bush. I'm sure it was the exact opposite on the coasts. I then realized that CNN and other news services are so biased, I can't even trust them anymore.
Fight you say? It's good to know where you stand! If it was about war, poverty or issues with death I would voice my opinion. (but not here, cause thats not what this blog is about).
Well, that was definately a rant. I dont think I swayed anyone, but mabee I stopped you for a minute or two. Just enough to stop you from being hit by that... Oh, nm.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Half Life 2 is really pretty awesome. Of course this is probably rendered, but it's fun anyway :) I would love having this in my yard. I mean, who needs a lawn gnome anyway.
*Click here* Posted by Hello

I know kung-fu Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

Local Transplant Centers Offering Imperfect Organs

It seems that certain transplant centers are offering less than perfect organs as an alternative to waiting up to 6 years for a new organ. I believe they are dealing solely with kidneys right now. Let me give you details. 33 volunteers have chosen to get organs from people over 50y/o or that had certain risk factors to thier kidneys.
The key here is, these people would have to go on dialysis if they didn't have the operation. I think this is in general a good idea. Similarly, I always wondered why AIDs patients aren't all taking the safe experimental treatments if it means that they will live. There are certainly plenty to go around. Of course it's a risk to the patients, but less of a risk than certain death.
On the other hand, I'm not sure this is a great step forward for society. The credo of all medical doctors is, "First, do no harm". This is a bit of a stretch in that area. The reason they didn't use those organs in the first place is because they are a bit of a risk. Of course this is also why people aren't taking tons of experimental medicine as well. I guess thats a good thing what with mutating viruses and such.
I hope this helps those 33 volunteers and eventually helps more. I just hope they take extra care when dealing with those less than perfect organs. - News Archive - Local Transplant Centers Offering Imperfect Organs Posted by Hello

Friday, June 10, 2005

Parasites in House Cats May Affect Humans

This is freaking weird... Parasites in cats seem to be infecting humans. It sounds like a bad sci fi movie. But supposedly this is true. Yall should give it a read. It's somewhat interesting, but kinda freaky. We have cats... I wonder if it really does change your behavior...
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PS>The picture is completely unrelated and from Penny-Arcade Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Invention Allows Humans to Breathe Like Fish

Coooool. i sooo want one. I don't like swimming cause I can't hold my breath too long, but that would be soooo fun :-)
Invention Allows Humans to Breathe Like Fish

Monday, June 06, 2005

The R2 Builders Club

Man, these are neat. I guess I'm a total dork, but eh, why not? It looks like a fun idea. These R2 units look pretty darn good. I wouldn't mind having one around my house :-) - The Official website of the R2 Builders Club Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Information About the Gauss Rifle

This is pretty amazing. Now, I read the article, but I still don't really have any idea how it works. But it is pretty cool :-)
Well, I've applied like crazy for work and had an interview with Academy Sports, but I dont think I got the job. I am beginning to believe I'm just doomed. Oh well, whats a guy to do?
Gauss Rifle

Saturday, June 04, 2005

It seems NASA is considering the idea of having a remote controlled airplane on Mars. This sounds like a terrific idea. In fact, I love the idea. If they could get it to work that'd be a step forward...
The problem is... Well. yall remember that pesky minute+ delay from signal to movement? Yeah, the Mars rover moves extremely gingerly. What if a gust of wind hits that glider? Whoh, somethings wrong here, we can't find it! I mean, come on... Within a minute that thing could be anywhere and finding it could be problematic. I know NASA is smart enough to figure these things out, but these less intellegent problems often plague NASA's history... I mean, a door issue lost people thier lives. A little foam spelled disaster... and don't even get me started on that whole lost satellite due to conversions to and from the metric system thing...*Click Here* Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I would love to have one of these guys on my desk :-) Posted by Hello

An Opened Minded Principal

This is a pretty straightforward story. As a senior prank these students painted an elaborate mural on the ceiling of the main lobby of the school. The principal saw it and thought it was an art project. Once he found out that it wasn't, he decided it was too nice to get rid of. I like this story because it shows that the principal in this school has an open mind. So many times the principal would just throw this kid in Juvi or whatever and never even open his eyes enough to look at the picture. Perhaps the schools aren't really so messed up afterall.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I Am Deep Throat, Top Ten Ways the World Goes Kaput

Hey guys! Well, I was looking through Fark and as I scrolled down, nothing..nothing.. same old same old.. then, "Ex-FBI Director is Deep Throat". I couldn't believe it. Thats been one huge secret I've been curious about. I believe this is the real deal this time because the news says it, and if the news says it, there is probably proof. LOL suuuure. Anyway, Link -> *Click Me*
On a lighter topic, the top ten ways the world goes poof. This is a fun read. It appeals to the evil genius in all of us. And if you like this, mabee you should try this PC game called Evil Genius. This isn't an ad or anything, I just love the game :) *Click me*