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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Amazing Paper Art, Cupped!, and Human Space Invaders

This is an artistic creation that I was not aware existed. These people put tremendous amounts of effort into turning a two dimensional piece of paper into a three dimensional piece of art.Amazing Paper Cutting Art

This is what people do when they have way too much time on thier hands. Real Life Space Invaders.

Yeah, way too much time on there hands. It took me a few minutes to grasp the amount of effort and time that was put into this prank, but when I did, I just laughed and laughed. You've been cupped!

The Most Amazing Game I've Ever Seen

Monday, August 28, 2006

How it Should Have Ended Movie Database

For a long time, I thought I'd ran across everything funny on the net. This site proved me wrong. If your like me, you've been watching a movie and realized that it should have ended 20 minutes before it did. Well, this site is chocked full of hillarious alternate endings. This isn't very bloopery, which I think makes it extra funny.How it Should Have Ended movie database.

Okay, this is one lucky group of people. After a rediculously crazy helicopter ride they all walked away safely. I found this surprisingly cool to watch. Luckiest people ever.

Thirdly, I bring a not-so-original thing from the web, but honestly, I love it. 10 Ways to freak out a roommate.

The Most Amazing Game I've Ever Seen

Saturday, August 26, 2006


If you have been out of the loop for a while, the world has in fact been spinning... But when I say spinning, lets say, Will Wright, maker of The Sims 1 and 2, Sim City, Sim Earth, Sim Ant, Sim City 2000/3000, Sim Tower, Sim Earth etc etc has been working on his masterpiece. Something that is homage to his previous works, while being absolutely and completely 100% new. I can tell you what it's about, but it's better to let Will Wright tell you. Check out this link. First Spore Footage. Spore at E3.
Okay, but lets save you some time. This is what makes the game unlike anything you've ever seen before. I'd list, but I think it'll flow better ranting. Have you ever wanted to play the universe game. You make create and populate an entire universe, but it's way more cool than that. I am at a loss for words. I can't describe it well enough. But you build an populate the universe from bacteria to universal conquest or peace.
The entire universe is populated from other peoples content! It has a built in content creation platform that gives the user the opportunity to populate the world! From plants, planes, to the creatures of the universe, users make it! It uploads to a server then distrubutes, populating, not only your world, but other planets, which you can work your way to visiting! It's not just civilization, or just sim city, or just the sims... It's all of that, and more. All put into one game. I say again, I cannot do this justice by stating it's features. Please, check out the links.

First Spore Footage. YouTube link pt 1/2. YouTube link 2/2.
Spore at E3. YouTube link.
The Spore Homepage.

Short Shorts, Mini Games and Lost Copyrights

Today I bring you a short mini movie. I really enjoyed it. While I was watching it, I was hoping it was merely a trailer, but alas, no. It's a short about alien robots landing on earth for a safari! The Burning Safari.

Next is a fun little mini game that I ran across. It's got a good beat and you can draw to it. Its not terribly hi-tech, nor is it particularly original, but I really enjoyed it. Scribble

Lastly, I bring you a little something, that seems to be the craze on the net. After a long time, movies lose thier copyright and become public domain. Once that happens, the net grabs it up. If you are a big fan of really bad B sci-fi movies like me, you'll love this site. Free Movies Fallen out of Copyright (Public Domain)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rayguns, Portals and Warbears!

You gotta love rayguns! I thought this was pretty darn cool. Vintage rayguns perfect for pretty much anything! Be careful not to purchase the disintegrating gun. Weta originals - Rayguns

Next I bring you, what is going to be the coolest game, next to Spore, that I have seen in a long time... I'll explain Spore later. But honestly, I've never seen a game better than Spore. Anyway, Portal! Made by Valve, makers of Half Life and Counter-Strike have made another unbelievably awesome game. This link is to the trailer. It's slow at first, but give it a few seconds, you'll be drooling by the end.

I love strategy games like this. This is my kinda game right here. Warbears! I know there is another game out there like this, but I can't remember the name. Anywho, Warbears!

Lastly, I signed up with Blog Mad. I really like it so far. It seems like it has a lot cooler sites than the more boring browsing sites.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lets Get This Party Started!

First, a site that is genius in it's simplicity. Which do you like better? Corn or Baseball? Well, here you get to choose, all the while it learns about you and makes guesses about you. I found it a lot of fun.

For anyone who has ever written an essay, this is one hillarious bugger. I couldn't stop laughing. It is a bit vulgar at times, but let me quote. Ahem, "Dr. Dre got most of his inspiration from the Greek story of Oedopus." Take a look, you'll get a good laugh. :-) THE Essay

Oh, while I am at it, what comeback would be complete without the record store dancing cats! The dancing kitties!

World of Warcraft is the Devil

Okay, after way too long of posting, I have finally stopped that stupid game. I have run that MMORPG into the ground like any other MMORPG. When you are running Blackwing Lair, you know you need to do something constructive with your time. Speaking of which, if you havn't seen it, that link is the end boss of what used to be the hardest fight in World of Warcraft.
Anywho, I'm back froods and froodetts. Hopefully some of yall will still remember me. And if not, no biggy, mabee I'll make some new blog contacts.